A New Era of Remarketing Information

In 1997, when AutoIMS first got started, many businesses and industries were making use of the internet to exchange information across multiple platforms and to automate cumbersome processes. As the security and reliability of online platforms and data exchanges grew, the nation’s major auction providers and consignors recognized an opportunity to do business more efficiently.

Enter AutoIMS.

Working closely with industry partners, Atlanta-based AutoIMS was started with the idea of developing a secure, online system where member clients and auctions could view and exchange data through one uniform platform. Since our inception, AutoIMS has grown exponentially in all aspects: system features and functions, security, infrastructure, development and support staff, and most of all – client and auction users. The flow of data from consignors to auctions has evolved steadily, and thanks to strong relationships and a nimble approach to development, so has AutoIMS.

Today, AutoIMS boasts necessary infrastructure, including IT developers, hardware platforms, cutting edge applications, and a world-class customer service team to expand our clients’ and auctions’ capacity for managing information.

Continuing to Make a Difference

As we enter our 14th year, connecting data from over 465 member auctions with the databases of 1800 commercial clients, AutoIMS continues its mission to drive technology in the auto auction industry. Processing 3 million sold vehicle records annually requires handling more than 32 million transactions daily. AutoIMS continues its efforts to integrate new business connections and state of the art technologies. This requires commitment to a secure hardware platform with back-up, disaster recovery, and duplication of systems, guaranteeing the AutoIMS applications and services will be there for the more than 35,000 individual users who rely on them.