Summer News 2016

AutoIMS Summer Newsletter

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Your Data: Now Available As Insights

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Automation and Transparency

IsItFrame is now available as an on-demand, integrated web service. More.


AutoIMS offers a one-stop shop for managing vehicle remarketing portfolios. As the industry standard partner, AutoIMS simplifies inventory management by offering a central platform for auctions, consignors of all types, repo agents, and others in the remarketing industry to exchange vehicle data.

Through a combination of proven, system-to-system data integration options, and a sophisticated online portal, AutoIMS allows remarketers and auctions to maximize remarketing asset returns, reduce manual effort and errors, and avoid costly IT expenditures.

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A logical and affordable extension of AutoIMS for any financial institution or remarketer that deals with repossessions, RecoveryIMS helps provide visibility and control of repossessions, eliminate repo storage fees, act quickly on exceptions, measure agent performance, and flow vehicles seamlessly to auction.

RecoveryIMS puts agency control in the hands of the client. Whether using nationwide recovery providers, forwarders, or individual agents, it's easy to assign repossessions, track progress, and monitor agency performance and licensing, helping you to recover your assets more efficiently while maintaining high levels of compliance.

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Custom Solutions is designed with flexibility in mind. Users can tailor, including all inventory screens, to fit their needs without custom programming. If the need does arise for customized solutions, the AutoIMS development team is here to help. The following examples have been achieved with customized solutions:

  • Integration with legacy systems
  • Automate proprietary business processes
  • Data integration with specific security software
  • Generation of unique forms, custom work queues, and special calculations
  • Elimination or simplification of steps in the remarketing process

The development team has experience in the remarketing industry and is ready to assist you. With remarketing as our focus, customization is one of our strong suits. Contact customer service to find out if a customized solution can work for you.

Live Reports

AutoIMS' proprietary reporting system LiveReports is available to all AutoIMS users, and is the engine that powers AutoIMS. LiveReports offers standard and custom reports, benchmarking tools, quick searches, and the ability to organize, report and take action on any segment of your portfolio through an intuitive reporting interface.

Vehicle transportation, title management, repair approvals, pricing, and accounting are just few of the key areas where LiveReports can add significant value. Remarketing professionals and auction personnel alike can use LiveReports to drive daily tasks, spot and analyze sales trends, and make more informed business decisions.

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Vehicle Pricing with condition reports and guidebook integration, LivePricing combines current guidebook valuations with customizable adjustment formulas. Detailed vehicle data is added to the mix for accurate and fast floor pricing. Why flip through books, scoring details singly, when you can see it, all on one screen. Considerations such as auction grade, equipment, damage estimates, and condition reports with digital images are pooled to facilitate and backup floor prices. Track pricing activity.

Review data on one screen and accept or adjust recommended price. Send floor prices directly to one, or multiple auctions. LivePricing also accumulates historical data to help identify trends, such as percentage of floor price to net price. Track bid activity and follow the process of vehicle sale.

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