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Contact Us, highlights each member auctions personal services to buyers and sellers of used vehicles. This premier Internet site offers fixed price Internet car lots "LiveLot" along with the competitive bidding offered through "LiveLane" to allow time sensitive auctions that offer:

Global search capability by:
- Vehicle
- Single auctions
- Create your own regions and select multiple auction arenas.

Dealers and Consignors can monitor their own cars selling or drop vehicles into our Shopping Truck to monitor the market and see what happens

Buyers can set a Maximum bid and allow the computer to bid for them, thereby logging back in later to the sale and pick-up where they left off. This is increasingly important for buyers needing to fill large inventories.

With our Multi-bid Screen buyers can see all of the vehicles they are monitoring or bidding on in one location as the sales wind down. From here they can continue to bid or pick a specific unit to monitor more closely.

In addition:

Each record has a full condition report with images, equipment, and information so buyers can make informed decisions.

The highest bidder will know who they are.

If the bid falls short of selling the highest bidder will receive an exclusive option to purchase the vehicle for 1 hour at the prescribed floor before it goes back on sale.

Auctions can handle transportation, titling, reconditioning or a host of services tailored to both the needs of the buyers and sellers.

Auctions Services:

Are available from all AASC member auctions to handle any need that a buyer or seller has to complete the sale and every aspect of the transaction.

Ask a member auction about how to list and buy cars on the Internet today. A list of Member Auctions is available, so check to see if your favorite Auction is a member.