AutoIMS Customer Service – A Unique Approach

The AutoIMS Customer Service (CS) team is not a typical call center. As an added benefit to users of AutoIMS, the CS team offers:

  • Quick answers and on-the-spot assistance
  • In-depth training for users at all levels
  • Education about new features
  • A consultative approach to problem solving
  • A feedback loop for all parties in the remarketing lifecycle
  • 8am – 8pm (Eastern), onshore, in-house support

In 2010, AutoIMS CS conducted a survey in which our consignor-client users indicated their top business challenges were “controlling costs” and “communicating with auctions.” The CS team is dedicated to hearing the concerns of all AutoIMS users, aligning our efforts with your goals, and positioning ourselves as dependable teammates for our clients.

Need a new User ID or have an old one re-activated? The best way is to contact your company’s AutoIMS system administrator. If you are not sure who that is, please e-mail

Having trouble with your password? Simply click the password link in the upper right corner and follow the instructions to quickly reset your password.

About Training

New to AutoIMS, or time to bring a new user up to speed? Trying to figure out a better way to use reports? Need to learn more about certain functionality? Consider scheduling a training session.

We can visit you onsite (travel schedules permitting) or use WebEx to host a virtual training session on the topic of your choice. Popular sessions include:

  • AutoIMS General Training: Understand the basics, including how a vehicle record is created and progresses through the remarketing lifecycle, and how AutoIMS can work in harmony with your current systems and processes.
  • LiveReports: Learn how to use the AutoIMS core database engine to find and manage specific segments of your inventory. Exception reporting, damage reviews, pricing, auction charges, sales data, auction run lists, and much, much more.
  • LivePricing: The AutoIMS proprietary tool that helps you blend the art and science of floor pricing. We can show you a number of different ways to price a vehicle in AutoIMS, and will save you time and money in the process. Regardless of the Guide Books or custom formulas you use, learning to use LivePricing will make your life easier.
  • RecoveryIMS: Learn how to assign cars to repossession agents of your choice, monitor and manage those assignments, and flow cars quickly and efficiently to remarketing channels without re-keying information or making costly manually errors.
  • Creative Problem Solving: Allow our CS team to observe your processes, listen to your biggest issues, and ask deep-dive questions about your business. This session will identify tactical shortcuts to reduce cycle time and errors, and opportunities to learn from others who faced similar issues.

Time to schedule some training? We look forward to hearing from you.

Call: (888) 683-2272